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Digital Series

Learn about digital currencies, market opportunities and use cases and a three-step action plan.

COVID-19 Engagement Series

Learn about the imperatives of engagement monitoring as the pandemic recedes.

Digital Series

Digital engagement is table stakes in the new normal.

Risk Series

Trends, challenges and actions for post-pandemic collections.


Sustaining the environment requires banks to play a key role. Find out how VCA can help you to be at the forefront of this change in banking.

Digital series

Is creating a digital challenger bank the best way to compete in today’s digital environment?


Visa Consulting and Analytics compared the performance of merchants with enhanced programs to those with less advanced or no loyalty program.

COVID-19 Digital Series

VCA looks at seven key questions that any bank needs to ask itself as it embraces the opportunity of digital acquisitions and onboarding.

COVID-19 Risk Series

Visa Consulting & Analytics looks across the credit lifecycle and considers the implications for today’s risk managers.

COVID-19 Risk Series

Acquisitions and Approvals: Seven imperatives for risk teams in the COVID-19 pandemic.


Rethinking and redesigning merchant loyalty program redemption options.


Understanding how COVID-19 has impacted consumer lifestyles, payment methods, and how behaviors may change after the pandemic.

Engagement Series

How should bank acquirers respond to the rapidly evolving acquiring market?

COVID-19 Risk Series

Nine imperatives for issuers credit line assignment and management in the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Risk Series

The implications for both risk and customer experience and key imperatives for authorization teams in the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Digital Series

Spending online is one of the bright spots in recovery. VCA looks at the implications for digital payments, and the way card issuers can take action.

COVID-19 Digital Series

Spending online is one of the bright spots in recovery. VCA looks at the implications for digital payments, and the way merchants can take action.

COVID-19 Risk Series

Fraud management: Nine imperatives for fraud teams in the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Risk Series

Visa Consulting & Analytics has investigated the changing face of credit risk from several angles. In this paper, we consider collections.


Open banking: What it is, why it matters, and how banks can lead the change.

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Best Practices

Many customers across the world now rely on mobile for everyday banking needs. Learn how to standout by developing an app that delights customers.

Business and Economic Insights

Timely analysis on the latest trends in consumer spending and payments from Visa’s team of economists and analysts.

Woman handing credit card to cashier at a clothing store.

When customers are engaged with your brand and products, they become valuable for your business. Read about how you can deliver to your customers.

A woman wearing glasses using an iPad to review details about her business.

Integrated payments have become central to merchant acquirer business performance. Read about strategy tips for building a global acquiring business.

Group of people opening gifts.

Increased customer expectations have raised the bar. Read about how to optimize the use of data & digital developments to attract the best customers.


Contactless is a faster, easier and more secure way to pay. Learn about the global status of contactless, case studies and the benefits it brings.

Claudio Di Nella, Head of VCA Europe, shown in a still from a video about opportunities in open banking.
Video Interview

Claudio Di Nella, Head of VCA Europe, highlights opportunities in open banking and how banks can lead the change.

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News article

Read about tomorrow's data-driven workforce with Michelle Gervais, Visa's Head of Data Science for Visa Consulting & Analytics, CEMEA.


VCA has developed new solutions to improve portfolio profitability and performance. Learn how machine learning is changing the financial sector.

CrediMax Bahrain CEO Yousif Ali Mirza speaking about how Visa Consulting & Analytics supported their business growth.
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