• Internet of Things (IoT) Connected Car Secure Payments

    We're revolutionizing the driving experience.

Man at table next to lunch truck paying for a meal
General Motors logo.
Honda logo.
Sionic Mobile logo.
Sirius XM logo.

Olympic Athlete Simone Biles rides in Visa’s connected car with Visa VP, Olabisi Boyle.
Backshot of a woman in a car on the passenger seat.
A closeup of Visa’s connected car dashboard, that shows the gas station payment feature.
An image of person looking into a car’s rearview mirror.
A CNET reporter, Craig Cole, takes Visa’s connected car out for test drive.
A futuristic rendering of the interior of a connected car, that includes graphics.

Cover page of a white paper entitled 'Secure Payments and the Inter of Things' showing a finger interacting with a car dashboard panel.

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