Preventing fraud with digital authentication

Aite Group explores emerging security solutions for digital commerce.
An illustration of a city and icons depicts a variety of places that digital authentication can be used.

Illustration of a magnifying glass.
Illustration of a person with a check mark on the lower right hand side.
Illustration of binary numbers inside a yellow square.

Authentication methods — breadth and depth. Column 1- device data. Column 2- Behavioral patterns. Column 3- Behavioral biometrics. Column 4- Physical biometrics. Column 5- User data verification. Column 6- credentials. Column 7- Out-of-band.

An illustration of an arrow and icons are used to depict Visa’s many authentication solutions that help prevent fraud.
Balancing ease of use and security. Column 1- Security. Column 2- High friction. Column 3- Medium friction. Column 4- Seamless experience.

Illustration of a burglar.
Illustration of a stopwatch.
Illustration of a finger pressing on a tablet screen.

Illustration of a page tag on a browser page.
Illustration of a store front with a person at the door.
Illustration of three circles with a bigger circle connection them.

Using Apple Pay at a contactless-enabled terminal inside a taxi.